The life of Ralph Lauren?
Mr. Moffatt has received the following
Education and Training:
Graduate of Enrico Fermi High
School in Enfield , Connecticut.
Criminal Law studies at M.C.C.
Philosophy studies at Trinity College
in Hartford, Ct.
Computer training at the Computer
Processing Institute in E. Htfd, Ct.
3.96 in Computer Operations and
Accordion Studies: with John Caruso
and Falcetti studios.
Piano Studies with:
Moshe Paranov, Co-Founder of the
Hartt School of Music.
Additional PIANO Studies with:
Elsie Easterbrook, Dr. Dana Muller,
Dr. Paul Rutman, Peter Woodard/Jazz
studies, Dr. Luiz de Moura Castro, and
many others. Now studies with Dr.
Cory Hall of Missouri, Classical and
Rag-time piano.

Other Training and Designations.
Boat Training from the
Coast Guard Squadron.
Cessna Aircraft Training
through Ellington Airport.
K-9 Training from his father, Sgt.
Earl Moffatt , former commander of
the Hartford Police Department's K-9
G.R.I.- Graduate of the Realtor's
C.R.E.A. - Certified Real Estate
Ct. Boating License.

Companies he has created:
World Piano Lessons
Moffatt's Piano and
GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Sports Cards, Coins,
Comics, and Collectibles
American Eagle Gold
Bullion Coins, Inc.
Amazing Grace Bay Time
Share Rentals, Inc. /
American Classics
and First Editions.
The Moffatt Foundation.

Recent Acquisitions:
Lake FRONT lots on
Ashford Lake in Eastford, Ct
with 2 PRIVATE Beaches.
2014, NEW, Cadillac ATS
2015 NEW, Ford Fusion SE
Membership in the
MARRIOTT'S Vacation Club allowing
Mr. Moffatt vacations all over the
globe at their 4,100
hotels world-wide.
Huge expansion in his Collectibles
portfolio which now owns 1 of every
50 sets at PSA...Professional Sports
New, 2014 Chaparral Sunesta
224 Sports Deck Boat, 50 MPH
* * * * * * *
Pianist, Composer, Investor,
Entrepreneur, Millionaire.
In a two month period , Mr Moffatt " pulled out all the stops", after having had a very successful 2014.
During this period Mr. Moffatt purchased over $260,000 worth of items to assist with their current
and future goals. The following is a small itemization of what he was able to accomplish.

Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard Masters
GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Sports Cards, Coins, Comics and Collectibles
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins, Inc.
Amazing Grace Bay Time Share Rentals
Moffatt's K-9 Training Center, Inc.
American Classics and First Editions

Mr. Moffatt has studied Pianowith the best Teachers
and Pianists in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
He now studies with Dr. Cory Hall of Missouri.
Trained by the very best in Classical Music, Dr. Hall has gone on to become
one of the best Professionals in Rag-time Music in the World.
Dr. Hall studied with Thomas Gentry who arranged, "Silhouettes on the Shades" and who taught at the  
University of California @ Sacramento. Mr. Gentry  had  earned his Bachelor's Degree from the Univ. of
Alabama and his Master's Degree from the Univ. of Indiana. Dr. Hall then studied at  the Eastman School
of Music with the Piano Chair, Dr. David Burge who was a Fulbright Scholar.  Later, Dr. Hall studied at
the University of Kansas with
Dr. Richard Reber, another Fulbright Scholar,  who was trained by Cecile
Staub Genhart of Eastman who was trained by Ferruccio Busoni, (Cecile Genhart, who many considered to
be the BEST PIANIST IN AMERICA,)  Dr. Richard Reber also studied with
Dr. David Burge , the Piano
Chair for the Eastman  School of Music. He won a Fulbright Scholarship and studied in Vienna with Greta
Hinterhofer - a student of
Emil Von Sauer-- one of the VERY best students of Franz Liszt. He also studied
Frank Mannheimer - who had studied with Leonard Kreutzer, and Artur Schnabel in Berlin.  
Mannheimer later left Berlin to study   with  
Tobias Matthay   at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Artur Schnabel had studied with Theodore Leschetizky,  (who had trained Ignacy Paderewski and Franz
Liszt and so many other great Pianists of his day. Leschetizky was - trained by Carl Czerny - trained by
L.V. Beethoven - trained by Muzio  Clementi, Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Papa - Joseph Haydn.)  and
Anna Yesipova - the second wife of Leschetizky and his most brilliant student, and he studied
composition with
Eusebius Mandycewski...the Asst. to Brahms.
On Education
On Companies Owned
2014 Cadillac ATS to replace Mr.
Moffatt's former 2011 Cadillac V.
Brand New left over model
that is loaded and excellent on
gas due to its 4 cylinder
engine.Fully loaded with full
moonroof. A stylish car with
an off yellow colored seating
interior that makes for a very
stylish EURO interior.
2015, Nissan Altima SV,
that is fully loaded with a full
moonroof and all the extras.
Sirius, GPS, Bose...all of it.
Mine is in a wonderful golden
hued silver not this red.
On Vacations
On Boating
New, Marriott Vacation Club Package to allow vacations all over the world at over 4,100 Marriott Hotels.
Purchased on Singer Island in Florida. 22K. Vacations on Singer Island and on Cape Cod Bay.
NEW 2014, Chaparral Sunesta 224,
Sports Deck Boat, ($60,000) and a 36' marina dock.
On Collectibles
Gem's Acres of Diamonds
These and Hundreds of others
purchased in the last 2 months....$45K
Furniture and Pianos. (25K)
New Year's Eve dancing in the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, Winter vacation on Singer Island in Florida, Summers on Cape Cod, Ball games at
Fenway and Yankee Stadium. Marriott Vacation Club vacations ALL OVER THE WORLD! Lake front lots and private beaches on Lake Ashford, with Boating on
the CT RIver in the NEW 2014 Chaparral Boat. (35K)

Mr. Moffatt's, NEW,  end of the year, 2014
CADILLAC ATS model that is loaded.
NEW, 2015 NISSAN ALTIMA SV model that is loaded.
Mr. Moffatt's is in a golden SILVER.
PSA 9's
none higher
Marriott Vacation Club Member / 4,100 Hotels.
Marriott Oceana Palms
on Singer Island, Florida
Cape Cod Bay Bluffs
Summer Fun!
Meet Mr. Moffatt's teacher, Dr. Cory Hall from Missouri.
Mr. Hall is one of the best Rag-time Professionals in America.--->>>
Trained at the Univ of California at Sacramento, the Eastman School of Music, and the Univ. of Kansas.
Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard Masters President, Mr. Gregg Moffatt uses this 1925 Mason and Hamlin
Grand Piano, Model AA, 6' 2" Ebony Piano for his Home Performances.
All Ages - All Levels...860 - 436 - 9375
SEAS the Day~
Captain. Gregg Moffatt, Sr.
Bought 2 of these! Pop 13 exist!
Bought 2 of these! POP 7!!!
A glimpse of the not too distant FUTURE!
Mr. Moffatt's LAKE FRONT LOTS have the highest elevation for a home that is DIRECT LAKE FRONT on Ashford Lake, in Eastford, Ct.
His land comes with DEEDED rights to TWO...PRIVATE BEACHES for RESIDENT'S ONLY on Ashford Lake.
Mr. Moffatt's 3 lots of
record...merged into ONE large lot
directly on Lake Ashford located
between two wonderfully expensive
HOMES!  ;))
CHALET built
here......could be the
127 Lakeside Drive, Eastford, Connecticut on Ashford Lake. Pine trees and Mountain Laurel!!!
Mr. Moffatt runs all of his operations out of his Corporate Offices  
in South Windsor, Connecticut.

His Corporate offices consist of about
1,700 sq ft of living space with a two car garage, back
deck and wrap around front porch in Victorian Styling.

Hundreds of acres of woodlands, streams and
ponds reside behind his property. It is minutes to the
Buckland Hills Mall, Evergreen Walk
with easy access to all highways and
Bradley Intl. Airport for International Travel.
ONE of FOUR...on the PLANET!
Only 1 card grades higher on earth!
This is  a ONE OF ONE
on Earth!
1 of 4 on the Planet...Gene Simmons / KISS
ONE OF TWO on Earth!
1965, GORDIE HOWE, Coca Cola
MR. HOCKEY!" Autheticated
Value $2,000-2,500 EACH!
$4,000 - 5,000 VALUE!!!
YAZ Value $1,500 - 2,400 EACH!
Total for 2... $3,000 - 4,800!!
Pop 7...I own Two!
After having a fine Canvas in BLUE to match the color
of the BIMINI added to totally enclose the boat for
sleeping on it with a window, screen and zip door from
the transom onto the boat...Mr. Moffatt added the Reg
Numbers and Letters and on 5/2/2015 paid to have of the boat..
"SEAS the Day!" ,
added to the sides of the boat.
"I am ready to launch her into the Marina!" -GEM
The NEW, 2014, Chaparral Sunesta 224 is about to Launch into a Marina in Chester, Ct.'This boat will be used for two years...
then replaced with a LARGE, 32-40' Cabin Cruiser, either another Chaparral or a  Regal Commodore with Twin Engines.
You can see a possible replacement below. For now...we enjoy this FINE BOAT!
On Furnishings

Captain, Gregg Moffatt, Sr.
Owner of this Brand NEW,
2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224
Sports Deck Boat that does
50 MPH on the Water!
New docks and piers, lights, dockside Electricity and Water, BBQ grills all around the
marina with Picnic tables.  In-Ground POOL. Changing rooms, showers and laundry
facilities. Head pump out services. Boat store. Minutes to Saybrook Point as this marina is
located on the Connecticut River. Many area restaurants and things to do.
First it is the KENTUCKY DERBY...then it is off to Summer at the Marina, Cape Cod Bay and Ashford Lake.
PIERS with Water and
Electricity at each slip!
Soft lighting on the
Piers with the
Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr., is the Founder of and the companies it consists of world-wide.
He is a multi-talented Businessman and Entrepreneur, Pianist, & Composer who holds several Nationally Coveted
Real Estate Designations - G.R.I. / C.R.E.A. ( Graduate of the Realtor's Institute and Certifed Real Estate Appraiser.)
He travels the Globe and is a Marriott Vacation Club Member. He enjoys boating, his vast collection of Rare
Collectibles, vacations on  Cape Cod Bay, visiting Singer Island , and  dinners in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Gregg and his father, the former Sgt. Earl Moffatt of the Hartford Police Department trained
the VERY FIRST, German Shepherd Police Dog for the Connecticut State Police.
He currently studies Rag-Time Piano with  Dr. Cory Hall of Missouri who studied at the Eastman School of Music.
His favorite quote -  "IMPOSSIBLE means..I'm Possible!"
New Transportation
Meet, Dr. Cory Hall the Piano Teacher of
Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt. This is the
Magnetic Rag by Joplin, probably the last
piece of music that he wrote.This is just one
of the many pieces Mr. Moffatt is memorizing
with Dr. Hall.
At age 20, Mr. Moffatt was refused entrance into Military Service due to extreme deafness. At this time it was estimated that he was about 95% deaf. At about age 34 he entered the University of Connecticut Medical Center and his deafness was confirmed.
However, his problem was not nerve deafness as it was a defective MIDDLE ear that wasn't transferring sound. "I have always felt this was the same problem that L.V.Beethoven had in his life." Due to the fact that he had 5% hearing left in one ear...only one
ear was operated on with FULL SUCCESS. From this point on he went on to study with the very best Pianists in the Nation...never entering any Music College or University.
After 2 years of study, he began teaching in South WIndsor, Ct...and in a few short months he had over 85 students a week. Mr. Moffatt has an I.Q. of 152 and can read over 950 words per minute. "Actually those figures ...are low...wink, grin." Mr. Moffatt now
studies  with Dr. Cory Hall from Missouri  who has over 650 Music Videos and Tutorials on YOUTUBE. Recently upon hearing some of Mr. Moffatt's own compositions...
Dr. Cory Hall said to Mr. Moffatt, "Gregg, you are a nice mix between ELTON JOHN and FRANK SINATRA! Gregg...this is a huge compliment!"
Chester Point Marina
Thoughts about the past from the desk of Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr.
An Open letter:

A career is built only with the help of those that supported and trained you and in this respect I owe so
many over the years.
Each of these people to different degrees helped me.
At this time, I would like to name some of those that assisted me along the way.

Dr. Moshe Paranov, the Co-Founder of the Hartt School of Music who had studied with Harold Bauer.
ELSIE EASTERBROOK, protege of Libby Warner Paranove and Dr. Moshe Paranov,
who now lives down South and who was a major force in getting me to begin Teaching.
Dr. Dana Muller of the Duo Pianist Team of Muller-Steigerwalt whose musical performances for
Four Hands was heard in the  movie, "Good Will Hunting.:
Dr. Paul Rutman who was the first Pianist to Graduate from Juilliard
with a Doctorate in Piano Performance.
Dr. Luis de Moura Castro, a graduate of the Liszt Academy in Budapest
who studied with Josef Gat - a student of Franz Liszt.
Paul Bisaccia who was seen in TWO, PBS Specials, one on Gershwin.
Dr. Watson Morrison who was a past graduate of the Eastman School of Music and who is a legend at
Mr. Joseph Ryan of  Ryan's Dance Academy that was on Farmington Avenue in Hartford...back in the
day... that taught my sister and I all those wonderful Tap and Ballroom Routines.
John Caruso who was my first Accordion teacher and who owned, Caruso Music Center in Windsor.
Various teachers at the Falcetti Accordion Studio beginning  in Hazardville, Ct.
An Accordion teacher in Miami, Florida that used to play at the Hotels, (Fontainbleu, the Deauville, and
others) and who was seen repeatedly on the Lawrence Welk show.
and now,

Dr. Cory Hall from Missouri who is a Graduate of the Univ. of California @ Sacramento that studied with
Thomas Gentry who was the arranger of "Silhouettes on the Shades" and who had his Bachelor's and
Master;s Degrees from the Univ of Alabama and the Univ. of Indiana. Dr. Cory Hall earned his Master's
Degree in Piano Performance by sstuding with the Fulbright Scholar and Chair of the Eastman School
of Music, Dr. David Burge who had studied with Great Hinterhofer who was a student Emil Von Sauer-
best pupil and probably the legitimate heir of Franz Liszt.  Later, Dr. Hall earned another Master's
Degree in Musicology and his Doctorate in Piano performance from the Univ. of Kansas with Dr. Reber,
another Fulbright Scholar, who had studied with Cecile Staub Genhart from the Eastman School of
Music, also with the Piano Chair of the Eastman School - Dr. David Burge from Eastman, and with Frank
Mnnheimer who had been trained by Artur Schnabel (student of Theodore Leschetizky, Anna Yesipova
andthe Asst to Brahms, Mandycewski) and Leonard Kreutzer in Vienna, and with Tobias Matthay at the
Royal Academy of Music in London.

I would be very remiss not to give my former wife, Mary ( Mary Helming of Connecticut (Blaszko) a
personal thank you for her having helped me to recover from almost total deafness through her efforts
at the Uconn Medical Hospital in Farmington, Ct.
Thanks also go out to the UCONN MEDICAL FACILITY for restoring my hearing which allowed me to
study with all of the above.

As a deaf kid from the projects of Hartford, I consider myself truly blessed to have spent time with all of
the above people that have lit the hallways of my life.

Thoughts about the  future?

As you may or may not know by now, I am a prolific composer of music and  on "some" weeks at this
stage of my life, I am able to produce 3 songs in a week...both the music and the lyrics. Each week is
different and I do have my.. "writer's blocks" that come and go. I have ALWAYS been able, even as a
child to be able to hear a song, and compose as song in my head away from the Piano. Beethoven, with
whom I share a similar deafness problem was believed to have walked through the woods and written
down musical ideas of what he heard in nature. I also have that ability. Often, while doing something
else...and forgive me...even when I am mind refuses to quit and I find my mind multi
tasking and producing a NEW song or lyrics...and when I go to the Piano for the FIRST TIME, it is
mostly...done. My songs have all the notes that I REQUIRE...not one more...or one less."
The Master's Art...doesn't need one more brush stroke to Mona Lisa's Face...or one less! - Gregg Moffatt

Recently, upon hearing a "few" of my recent pieces, I was given the marvelous verbal tribute by
Dr. Cory Hall, one of the top Rag-time professionals on this planet,  
with the afore mentioned musical training that I am most grateful to have received.

" are a delightful mix of ELTON JOHN and FRANK SINATRA...and that IS a huge
compliment!" So, with the years to come...I will be putting pieces learned on YOUTUBE and I
WILL... also put on these pages and on own pieces with Lyrics that are copy-writed with
the US Government.

Steve Allen was a personal favorite of mine due to his incredible ability to compose and
before he had
died he had the LARGEST VOLUME OF SONGS ever copy-writed. He has since been surpassed.
It is my hope....and would be my deep pleasure to beat that volume in the decades to come.
I BELIEVE...that health withstanding...and duration yet to be determined...that I could do this amount of
fine work.

In the will hear and become accustomed to my large volume of work on these pages:
Some of these songs will include:

Julie's Theme (dedicated to my fine daughter),
Just Tell Him..., Missing You, Last Train to Aeolian Hall (a George Gershwin Tribute), My Raindrop
Serenade, Jesse James, Just Working for the Weekends, Scrambled Eggs, Sailin' - the Blues,
On throwing the Memory of You Away, Autumn's Finest Leaves (Tribute to Moshe and Libby Warner
Paranov), I will Always Love You, SHE's never heard Complainin' ...and thousands of others,
written ...and yet to be written from the mind and heart of Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr.
who was mostly deaf until he was into his mid thirties.
So, I am glad that you are here...because Houston...