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"It is not the critic that counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred
by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly, who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds." -Theodore Roosevelt
DO you see Mr. Moffatt's initials in his new LOGO....the collage above?   G    E   M  ?       

built in Santa's Workshop
with Love!

WORLD Piano Lessons . Com

Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard

GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Sports Cards,
Coins, Comics and Collectibles  

American Eagle
Gold Bullion Coins, Inc

Amazing Grace Bay
Time Share Rentals

Moffatt's K-9 Training Center

The Moffatt Foundation
Mr. Gregg Moffatt began with a very simple premise for his life and his business plans.
Surround yourself with the people you like to be around,  fill your home with objects that make YOU happy every hour of the day, eliminate distractions
that mess with your personal KARMA and live the life that you, yourself would design on a blank piece of paper IF you could design and live such a life.
It is a simple premise but in all practicality LIFE will intrude on your attempt to fashion such a life on a daily basis.
It will take focus  and perseverance to stay true to your dreams and goals. Stay focused...

But, IF YOU CAN fashion such a life...what a life it would truly be filled with wonderful, pleasant memories and moments of JOY!  The saddest thing
in life for Mr. Moffatt was determined at the outset looking at that piece of blank parchment...the saddest part would be to get to the end of his life
looking back and wondering...IF ONLY! He wanted to reach that last hour of his life KNOWING that he had done it his way....and that the last hour
would also be about a tally of things he had done....for others. To accomplish this goal it would be necessary for him to fill this blank piece of paper
with all the people, things, dreams and goals that would fit into his interpretation of a truly GOOD LIFE.

He liked  very warm and kind people, real estate, baseball cards, high end cars, German Shepherd Canines, music
and Pianos, gold coins, water views, fireplaces, gourmet kitchens and fine cooking.

So, he went to work to fashion his life on a piece of paper. The photos above in the collage show that he has achieved his goals.

He also accepted his own truism at the outset....that it was just fine to have riches...as long as Riches....didn't have you!
To always remember that THINGS end up in Landfills! Kind actions and words last through the ages.  Kisses and Hugs are never looted.
Kind deeds sad lives can brighten, ---- Kind words....can sorrow cure.
President's CTS V, 650. H.P.
Amazing Grace Bay
GEM's Acres of Diamonds

Mr. Moffatt's Cadillac
CTS, V! 225 M.P.H.
American Eagle
Gold Bullion
Coins, Inc.
Mr. Moffatt takes on his largest challenge yet!
Plans are underway to purchase a home on the Bluffs
of Cape Cod Bay for $1,000,000 to 1,600,000!
Near the National Seashore!
The BATMOBILE, 650 H.P., ....225 M.P.H.!!!






Reaching for the Stars! Where Impossible means...I'm possible!

GEMCOM updates:
                                                        Santa stopping by a woods on a snowy Christmas evening....

                                                        Rudolph gave his harness bells a shake, as if to ask...is this some mistake? There is no chimney or even a home here?

                                        This is  a wintry view of Mr. Moffatt's land facing LAKE ASHFORD in Eastford, Connecticut
Gregg Moffatt,
* * *
Valerie Moffatt
Vice President
* * *
The Dreams
* * *
The Reality
* * *
The Future
* * *
is now working on their 2nd
Floor HOME THEATRE with a
60" HDTV, Movie Screen, Wall  
Lighting, ceiling  Star lighting
on a dimmer, sound bar,
surround system by
BOSE...Popcorn maker, Desk,
computer, Fireplace, Blu Ray
system, Wall MOVIE posters in
frames, Gone with the Wind
plates with movie scenes.
Curved theatre  seating with
built in recliners!!! 1,000
DVD's!!! Inter-net aps!
Movie Theatre Carpeting for the Moffatt Theatre
The Moffatt
The SKYLITE EFFECT on the Moffatt Cinema ceiling
127 Lakeside Drive , Eastford, Ct               
GEMCOM / Lake Ashford.        
Mr. Moffatt's (NEW!)               
   Lake Front Lots              
       on Lake Ashford          
225 M.P.H.!
There is often, a STORY within a STORY, and
for a BELIEVER, this may not sound so fantastical
as to be unbelieving in nature.

You see, after building GEM'S Acres of Diamonds, The Moffatt
Foundation , purchasing great cars, and other things, I told
people in an INVESTMENT CHAT ROOM that I am always in, that
I was ready to take on something even
MORE IM POSSIBLE than I had already accomplished in this life.

I told them that I wanted to buy an incredible piece of property,
hopefully in Connecticut near or on a Lake to help children in
need. That to accomplish this I would need much more money
than I had, and would have to find caring investors to invest in
this project. The thought of it was monumental
but it left me very excited. I felt that I had help, from on High!

One day, I got into my vehicle in the middle of the week, as I was
being TOLD TO DO and headed EAST towards Sturbridge,
Massachusetts in search of such a property.

Out in Ashford, Connecticut....way out on a road leading me
away from civilization...I found it necessary to turn around...so
the very next driveway on the LEFT would be my turning area.  
I turned in....and found myself at
Paul Newman's created, "Hole in the Wall Gang Camp!"
There was the Lake....there was the idea already done.

I sat in the car and realized that what I wanted to do was
done...but, in the future it probably could use all the financial
help that it could get to continue on forever.

I turned around, still set on buying something special that could
be used someday to be SOLD to help fund this
worthwhile endeavor. I found myself driving around Ashford
and ended up at a Lake...Ashford Lake. I also said,
"Ok, God I get it...but, what is YOUR INTENTION?"

I went back towards the center of Ashford and found myself
near another Lake.  I rounded the end of the Lake opposite a
DAM area and climbed a hill....and there it was....A SIGN....for
some land for sale  directly on Ashford  Lake.  I got out of my
vehicle, surveyed the land and the view...and decided to call the
Realtor selling this property for the sellers. I had that...it was
meant to be...moment. You know the moment...where someone
on high is saying...DO YOU HEAR ME? DO YOU SEE IT?

When the realtor arrived and pointed out the markers on the
property, GOD told me to ask him IF THE SELLERS would
consider OWNER FINANCING. The Realtor didn't see this as
IMPOSSIBLE ,so I knew...but there was an obtrusive EASEMENT
cutting across the front of the property where I might later want
to build a  LAKE house.

I felt that someone on HIGH was with me on this one. So, I wrote
the offer conditional on the removal of the easement and
offered a FULL PRICE of $59,000.

The offer was accepted and many months later....at the time of
the closing....the EASEMENT was moved back to the original
road. 15 different SIGNATURES of owners by the Lake
had been acquired. An im-possibility!

I closed on the land...LAKE FRONT....for $59,000!

A week later...or so.....the TOWN ASSESSOR, seeing that the
EASEMENT was no longer affecting the value raised the
property value to almost $109.000,
a gain of $50,000.

I am sure the Lord helps those that set out to HELP
others and gives us the strength and help to do the

That is the story , within the story.
Mr. Moffatt's Lakeside Drive property on Ashford Lake  has Beach Rights to TWO,
Resident's ONLY beaches! EAST Beach and SUNSET Beach!
Gregg Moffatt is now taking on his greatest challenge to date by working on a purchase
of a home directly on the Bluffs of CAPE COD BAY, with his own steps to his own CAPE COD BAY BEACH.
He already rents such a home so he has this covered. (Back up plan! wink...grin...smile!)
The Photos above will give you some idea of what he has in mind. This would be a One Million to a $1,600,000 Cape Cod Home!
"I ALWAYS HAVE a back-up plan."  -GEM
My 200 AMP serviced home is going to a commercially  graded...800 AMP!
The process of DUPLICATION is something that  I always initiate and accomplish. Whether it is TWO GAS RANGES and TWO BUILT IN Microwave ovens,
2 Fridges,  3 FULL bathrooms, 3 toasters,  ...4 fireplace units...5 HDTV's, 3 PIANOS, Two gas grills,
Two sets of curved Movie Theatre seating, TWO HOME THEATRES, or 2 partridges in 2 Pear trees.  There is always a back up plan!
This possible building site on a Lake is the BACK UP PLAN....a Plan that gives me DEEDED BEACH RIGHTS in the interim to TWO beaches.
* * * * * *  
The true plan is to buy a fine home on CAPE COD BAY...right on the Bluffs with my own stairs to my own piece of the Beach.
But, failing that...I should be just fine.  A failed plan...should there ever be one...that leaves you on your own beach...is really..success!
Unless you end up like TOM HANKS...talking to MR. WILSON!   LOL!      WINK!     GRIN!.
A back up PLAN that involves such a view and
life... is really a FINE , BACK UP PLAN!
You see...even here...there are TWO....
The Moffatt Master Bedroom
Mr. Moffatt's  STARRY NIGHT view in the
ceiling of his Movie Theatre features a beautiful
SKYLIGHT look that makes the ceiling
feel like it is opened to the SKY!
* * * * *
Ashford Lake Property
for more information!
GEM's Acres of Diamonds
Moffatt's K-9 Training Center, Inc
Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard
Hand Signed Memorabilia
Signed by Y. A. Tittle (Quarterback)
RARE....Six Major Statistics
The Batmobile
with a SHAM WOW
The Moffatt
drives one of these
ULTRA FAST and fine

EAST ---- BEACH #1
Mr. and Mrs. Roy (Dale Evans)  Rogers