"There is a destiny that makes us all brothers, for nobody truly goes this way alone.
All that we send into the lives of others, always makes its way back into our own."  - Edwin Markham
Mr. Moffatt's, new, Cadillac CTS, V
650 H.P. / 225 M.P.H.  !!!
President and C.E.O. of :   THE GEM COMPANIES . COM
Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr.,  G.R.I., C.R.E.A.
Moffatt's Piano & Keyboard Masters, World Piano Lessons, Gem's Acres of Diamonds Sports Cards, Moffatt's K-9 Training Center,  
Amazing Grace Time Share Rentals in the Caribbean, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins, and The Moffatt Foundation
GLOBAL                    and                DIVERSIFIED!     
Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard
Masters and
"SEA-S,  The Day!"
2014 Chapparal Signature Series 270, 27'
Cabin Cruiser , NEW, Loaded...sleeps 4+
Corporate at 10 Victorian Woods Lane, South Windsor, Ct 06074     *     Telephone 1-860-436-9375 OR 1-800-gEm wErk    *    E-mails to:
"SEAS... the Day" ( and seize the $avings!)
is the name of Capt'n Gregg Moffatt's , NEW, 2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224, Sports Deck Boat with a Merc Cruiser 5.0 Bravo Engine.
To choose between this one and the 2014 Chaparral Signature 270 was a most difficult decision. This was a MOST difficult decision to make
since the other boat was a 27' Cabin Cruiser...which had a full kitchenette, bath and could easily sleep four adults.  My boat has a Bimini top not shown here.
But, since my eventual boat will be a 35' - 43' seemed wiser an effort to save for that boat that I keep my expenses down for the next few years.
Also, the boat below does 50 M.P.H., uses less gasoline...and you still can sleep on it once I enclose the whole top of the boat with a special canvass top.
PRESENTING...2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224
This new Sports Deck has a 5.0 Merc Cruiser Engine!
LOAN APPROVED!!!.... as of...January, 17 , 2014
This boat with taxes, dealer prep, etc...usually runs around $82,000...but, because it was an end of the year...left over.,
I acquired it for $56,000 and taxes...and put $20,000 down on it...leaving me a balance of about $39,000.
My payment will be $491 a month. But, since my Lake front lots are NOW  paid in advance by one year...I will take
$400 of my social security monies...and use it monthly on the boat payment which is a 2nd TAX WRITE-off...a 2nd home!
Which means, it costs me ...out of current income....$91 a month...minus the tax savings. Not bad...for this $82,000 boat.
I will own the boat a few months. This will set me up for the 32' - 50' boat in a few years if I want one.
And this is is better to take  your social security...EARLY!

Besides,  LIVING always better than...betting on...LIVING LATER.
I hope to see YOU...on the water!     - GEM
This boat with taxes, dealer prep, without a 5 yr. warranty, without
storage and transportation in and out of the water, etc would be
over $82,000

Mr. Moffatt paid...$59,000 and got a FREE, 5 yr. Warranty, a
discount on a 36' slip for ONE YEAR,  Free storage for 2 years,
FREE  transportatation in and out of the water for free,  and a
discounted canvass cover to enclose the boat and much more!

With discounted GAS PRICES... this is the perfect storm!
-GEM President of
The GEM Companies . com

Capt. Gregg will be on this type of
boat with a BIMINI Top....this summer.
is the name of his fine boat!
ABOVE....SUN PAD in partial lounge head rest position.
I am sure she is composing a strongly worded letter to  GREGG'S, " WHITE STAR LINE!"
Great aerial view of the extra wide BOW design showing the storage area under the Port and Starboard
seating and also showing the middle built in Cooler area that is self draining! On the wall under the
front cooler is the attachment for the table.
Bathroom with a
counter and porta
pottie...that is flushed
out by the Marina
Here  are some interesting facts. Did  you know that 95% of ALL BOATS are less than 26' in length? Another interesting fact is that many fishermen are pushing for
JET BOATS since they can go to areas only Jet boats can go with only inches of water needed. Further, barring another terrorist problem...boat sales are expected to increase by 5% in 2015.
Telephone 1 - 860 - 436 - 9375       
Corporate Offices are at 10 Victorian Woods Lane, South Windsor, Connecticut   
E-mail to:      
Captain of the Boat, "SEAS the Day!" / Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr., G.R.I., C.R.E.A.  All rights reserved 2015.
NISSAN Murano Cross
Cabriolet Convertible!
650 H.P., 225 M.P.H.!
Moffatt's NEW...2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224
This new Sports Boat has a 5.0 Merc Cruiser Engine!
Can Am Spyder
Motorcycle, 3 wheel!
1964 Chevrolet
Malibu Super Sport!
THE DEALERS...or more than likely...his secretary put this up on authenticated signature by PSA/DNA the leaders in  Sports Cards
Grading and Authenticated Signatures. After it came back as GENUINE...100%...the secretary...put it up on EBAY....
as an authenticated signature of the DAUGHTER OF ELVIS. Now, don't get me wrong...she was married to Michael Jackson and IS the daughter of Elvis, and that has value.
BUT, the true value is in the name...PRISCILLA PRESLEY...because this is the WIFE OF ELVIS....the KING!
NOBODY BID ON IT ...because they thought it must be the daughter....or a phony deal on EBAY...IT IS LEGIT....but wrongly named. I TOOK IT!  for pennies! -GEM
I swear to  you...there is a God out there...bringing all of this stuff to is amazing! Elvis dies, his daughter marries Michael Jackson...and his wife...signs a guitar...just for ME.
New, Dining Room Set
at GEM Corporate!
Mr. Moffatt's, NEW
Ashford Lake Front Lots!
Motor home in time!
New Year's Eve ...Dancing at the Rosecliff
Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island!
Chalet styled home
Telephone 1-860-436-9375   *    Corporate Offices are at 10 Victorian Woods Lane, South Windsor, Connecticut   
E-mail to:    *   President / Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt, Sr., G.R.I., C.R.E.A.  All rights reserved 2015.
Summers on the beautiful Cape Cod Bay....Directly across the street is the Bay!
CLICK HERE....for  MORE PICTURES OF Mr. Moffatt's , NEW,  2014 CHAPARRAL SUNESTA 224, with the
5.0 Mercury Cruiser / Cadillac engine /  that does...50 MPH!
1/21/2015   I get the BEST deals on EBAY!   EVEN huge and  known dealers...screw up! They labled the above guitar as having the PSA/DNA authenticated signature of...
the daughter of  ELVIS!...DUMB!  VERY DUMB!   Nobody I stole it. This isn't LISA MARIE...this is the KING'S WIFE...Priscilla Presley!!!!!!
You see...these dealers do so many deals...they have secretaries that put these things on EBAY...and communication gets messed up...
and they do it wrong! They filled out the listing and put...DAUGHTER OF ELVIS!    BIG MISTAKE>>>HUGE!
THE GEM COMPANIES . com  include: Moffatt's Piano and Keyboard Masters, World Piano Lessons, GEM's Acres of Diamonds Sports Cards,
Amazing Grace Bay Time Share Rentals in the Caribbean, Moffatt's K-9 Training Center, Lourde's Lake Investments,
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins, Inc.,  and The Moffatt Foundation.       
On January 24th, 2015,
Mr. Moffatt CLOSED on
this NEW, 2014 Chaparral
Sunesta 224 Powerboat.
This is loaded and
does 50 M.P.H.~!
Hand signed by the wife of ,
Priscilla Presley.

This has been PSA/DNA
Authenticated as an original
signature. Their daughter,
Lisa Marie Presley married,
Michael Jackson ,
the POP icon.

It just doesn't get any
better...unless it was signed
by the King, himself!
Graceland is owned by the
only heir to the Elvis Estate,
Lisa Marie Presley. Priscilla
helped to set up everything
to get the mansion set up to
be one of the most visited
tourist attractions in America!

Mr. Moffatt is known at PSA,
for owning the #1, 1978
Donruss ELVIS Card
collection in the world.
His collection is of perfect
GEM MINT 10's, with only one
PSA 9...because there is no
10 of that card!
Every day, it seems, Mr. Moffatt is adding to his collection
of the finest items in America. Already, he owns 1 of every
59 SETS of Cards being built at the leader in Sports Cards
Grading, PSA
- Professional Sports Authenticators.

He began this endeavor some years back when he bought
his first card for $60. Since then, he has gone on to buy
the best Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Sandy
Koufax cards along with 1,000's of others and some of the
best signed collectibles in the world.

His collection is now worth hundreds of thousands of
dollars and growing at an incredible rate  each day.
His vast collection is stored in Safety Deposit boxes ALL
OVER NEW ENGLAND for security and  insurance

One day, Mr. Moffatt sat in a restaurant in S. Windsor, Ct
when he decided to build one of the best collections in the
world that would be sold someday to help children acquire
Cleft Palate Surgeries and Wheelchairs, if GOD would help
him...and help him name his endeavor.
Two seconds after asking...the name came through and
Mr. Moffatt quickly wrote it  on a placemat...

"All of a sudden....amazing things began to
very rare cards began coming to me from
ALL OVER THE WORLD!  SIgned baseballs and bats
from the Joe DiMaggio estate in Florida...signed...
"Joe DiMaggio / YANKEE CLIPPER!" Rare cards that were
hidden in Farmer's Almanacs in the mid
west....unbelievable stuff. Dealers and individuals call me
with the craziest finds...and I love it!
I have been truly blessed to be able to own some of these
things...#1, 1964 Topps, JOHN F KENNEDY collection and
so many others.

This idea alone....has taken me from S. Windsor, Ct...
to being known all over the planet. It got me my New boat,
the Cadillac CTS, V...same car that JAY LENO drives
and so much else.

It is my hope...that in my life...this collection will be worth
at least one million + dollars.
The children should blessed."

-GEM / President / The GEM Companies . com
Reaching for the...STARS!
He told others...that he was inspired in a
restaurant to start a Collectibles
Collection...with $60!
That this collection would someday
provide Cleft Palate Surgeries and
Wheelchairs to TENS of Thousands of
children all over the world.

they all thought to themselves.
He saw their looks... and realized...he
was on the  RIGHT TRACK!
He decided to build it...knowing
they...the cards and collectibles would
come. His field of dreams was to become
known all over the planet as..
GEM's Acres of Diamonds.

He walks around town in jeans...a simple
shirt...and no socks..but drives the same
Cadillac CTS, V...that JAY LENO drives.
650 H.P. / 225 M.P.H.!!! Most have no
clue.... and that is as it should
be...most...never did!

He closed on LAKE FRONT lots
this last year...and on Jan 24th, 2015...
closed on a brand NEW, Chaparral
Powerboat. A 22'  4" boat en-route to
his future... 33' - 50' ...yacht?

He still socks! But, late on a
summer's night...he will be looking up
from his  NEW, boat in the
GEM's Acres of Diamonds
and it is ALL, GOOD!  
wink, grin!
GEM's Acres of Diamonds is always...REACHING FOR THE STARS!
This guitar was HAND SIGNED by...Priscilla Presley....the wife of the KING....ELVIS!   
Mr. Moffatt has reserved his own 36' SLIP at the CHESTER POINT MARINA on the Ct. River that features NEW DOCKS AND SLIPS....dockside water and electricity,  In-ground pool, showers and laundry
facilities , many GAS BBQ grills and picnic tables right beside the CT. RIVER. Easy access to Saybrook and Long Island Sound...or up river to Hartford to watch the FIREWORKS!
The 36' slip is a sign of what is coming NEXT...wink! If I totally pull this a year or so...this boat will be parked next to my...31 - 40' Cabin Cruiser.
I expect to OWN this one...FREE AND 8 - 12 MONTHS! - GEM  / President of  The GEM Companies . com

This is the action packed 224 that mixes up the roominess of a DECK BOAT with the ZEST and PERFORMANCE of a Sports Boat.  Nothing sizes up to the Chaparral Sunesta 224 when it comes to
PERFORMANCE (50 M.P.H.!!!) and wonderful Features! Black leather stitched Helm, just like in my Cadillac CTS, V ..ehicle. Bathroom with a Marina flushed out porta pottie, quality seats, large V tech Bow...L
shaped main cabin seating...3 cooler areas...and  a wet bar with a spray wand. Diving Platform, Clarion AM/FM/CD and Ipod set up. Bimini Top. Garmin GPS system. Soon to be fully covered for sleeping on
the boat.Two boarding ladders, electric anchor, fold over front light, diving platform, rear rumble seat. MANY cup holders, special hull painting format. Pass thru windshield with magnets and a lower  door for
a WIND JAM on windy days.
Mr. Moffatt's loaded and quick, 50 M.P.H., 2014 CHAPARRAL SUNESTA 224 with a Bimini Top...wet bar, etc...
This ...BRAND NEW, 2014, CHAPARRALSUNESTA 224 with a 5.0 Merc Cruiser / Cadillac / Bravo260 H.P. engine goes 50 M.P.H. to pull skiers.
Good to go on the Ct. River, Long Island Sound...and any Lake that I choose!.
THIS WOULD BE THE IDEAL  set up...and Mr. Moffatt IS working on this plan. About 300K PLUS! He will own..3 - 4 boats...on the Ct. River.
All owned by The GEM Companies. com.   Add a Pontoon boat to his Lake Front Lots on Ashford Lake and it all gets covered.
His Lake Front lots come with access to TWO PRIVATE, RESIDENTS ONLY BEACHES!
<<<<-----   NOTE....AS I GET EACH ONE DONE...they get colored LIGHT GREEN.   IT IS all coming together.
So, far the 2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224 and the Boat slip are mine. Boat was closed on Jan 24, 2014.  MOVING ON...
Sports Deck V Wide Tech PATENTED Hull by Chaparral. Rear seat and front area spray wand shower set ups, Rear seat Radio Controls,  5.0 LITER Merc Cruiser--Cadillac  engine,
Bathroom window, Front Marina lights, Hand rails, pass thru door on the rear, special rubber matting non skid on the diving platform, hookups for water skiing,
extra storage, front bow insert to make the entire front a sun pad, rear sun pad converts to a normal seat,or Lounge facing front OR back.
Front seat BOLSTERS. Dining table included. Special snap down carpeting, drains into the bilge, one of the built in coolers has its
own private drain. Tilt wheel. Swivel front Helm seat to the back. Dual fuel fills...both sides!
OWNED on Saturday, January 24th, 2014!


31- 40'


Mr. Moffatt is only the
2ND owner of this 1925
A.A., Mason and Hamlin
6' 2", Grand Piano.
The KEY to Knowing where  you are an
accurate strategic plan!  Allow your
become your compass!
is my WATER
Next stop...something with much finer lines!  Something sweet with all the right measurements!
NOT HER....THE BOAT!  32' to 45'...a true...sleek lady of the deep water.
where Mr. Moffatt docks his Chaparral.
JET SKI storage
with water and electricity
DECKS with BBQ Grills...gas...
and Picnic Benches surround the
DECKS with BBQ Grills...gas...
and Picnic Benches surround the
DECKS with BBQ Grills...gas...
and Picnic Benches surround the
Mr. Moffatt's NEW,
2014 Chaparral Sunesta 224
on the SHOWROOM floor!

This little beauty delivers!
Merc Cruiser 5.0
that goes 50 M.P.H.!

Mr. Moffatt is having it enclosed
like a Cabin Cruiser with a dark Blue
canvas that will MATCH that on
is on the west side of the Connecticut River
In-ground Pool , showers,
and laundry facilities.
Mr. Moffatt's slip...36'---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>
to Middletown
and Hartford
to Saybrook
and the Sound
to get to the Marina
that is right behind the
Chester Point Marina
and you can BUY your FUEL  here
which is VERY convenient.
PICNIC along
the  RIVER