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Date: October 23, 2005...on a trip to the Litchfield
Hills to see the foliage, I  got a very strange  and
somewhat eerie feeling about an Antique shop
that I
had just passed...
 Something said.."turn
around"...and for a minute or so...I didn't...but a mile
later...I did...as  the thought ...got stronger and
stronger.......so..I followed it.....

In a bin...halfway through the store there were
about 20 older records for sale by one of the
people in the Antique store. I thumbed through the
albums and there he was....on" two older albums!"  
My first Piano teacher...
Moshe' Paranov, (deceased, born Morris Perlmutter) was my first Piano teacher  
and this was enhanced by training with
Elsie Easterbrook at that time. Moshe
Paranov , his stage name, was trained by
Julius Hartt a Boston scholor who came to
Hartford. As a protege of Julius Hartt, Moshe became an excellent pianist who played
Carnegie Hall. He later became part of Julius Hartt, Moshe Paranov and Associated
Teachers which was a music school in Hartford.  Later they started the Hartt School
of Music, and Moshe was the Co-Founder of the Hartt School of Music and served as
its President Emeritus.
Elsie Easterbrook, one of my other teachers at that time and
was the protege' of one of the Hartt School of Music's most respected Directors,
Libby Warner. Libby became the second wife of Moshe Paranov years after his first
wife had died.  ( the daughter of Julius Hartt) She became Libby Warner Paranov.

Moshe Paranov was always proud that he had Conducted the first notes ever played
at the Bushnell Auditorium.
(1930 at its opening!) He was also the Orchestra
Conductor for WTIC radio (W Travelers  Insurance  Company) back in the days when
radio stations broadcast "live" orchestra music over the airwaves. He was good
friends with
Dame Myra Hess, and Harold Bauer. He was known as "Uncle Moshe"
and often referred to as "The Maestro!"

Before the College was built on its present campus "
Julius Hartt, Moshe Paranov and
Associated Teachers",
as they were known occupied a small school in another part
of Hartford. Moshe was instrumental in the growth of the Hartt school and was
known for calling on major business persons requesting funding for his school.
Alfred E. Fuller --Fuller Brush Company--was a major and constant contributor to his

"You know , Moshe...when I walked home from the Clarence A. Barbour school it was
such a long walk...I would stop in at the Fuller Brush lobby for a drink of water...his
ears perked right up ...hearing the name ...Fuller!"

I was fortunate to study with him at his home  opposite the Hartt School of Music.
He shall be forever missed by me...and by many others.

"You don't have to be a musical genius, Mr.
you just have to outlive everyone!"

"Yes, Mr. Moffatt...Chopin is a very sneaky
maybe we should write him a letter?"

"No, Mr. Moffatt...I am in no rush to meet
Beethoven and Chopin in heaven...up there
I would be a nobody...down here...
with them up there...I am a hero!"
Album--partial cover!
Moshe lived until his 99th

"Do you know why I have lived so
long Mr. Moffatt?" (he would cup
his hand and say,) "Because I only
eat in a day what fits in this hand!"

I would look at his small
hand..shake my head ..and
say.."Well, I only eat what fits on
the VERY END of my fork!" :))
..."Mr. Moffatt, I have
never met anyone that
can feel the colors in
the music as much as
you do...."...Moshe

Almost deaf at 18
years of age, I had to
feel the colors in my
soul, Moshe.--Gregg
Photography from
Gregg Moffatt...

this one is for you

Tell Beethoven , Liszt and

we said..."HELLO!"
"..you see, Mr. Moffatt...with Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt up there in Heaven...and me down here...well,
with them up there....down here...I am a hero!"--Moshe Paranov

.....I understand, Mr. Paranov...now I understand! Time goes by fast...and when I meet you...
I hope I will have made you PROUD!
--Mr. Gregg E. Moffatt/Founder of the Moffatt Foundation
Educator, Composer, Pianist and Entrepreneur.
Moshe...the day I moved in and stood in the backyard
in Tolland..this was the view...and I remembered!

Moshe...I am sure
that Libby and
Elsie...would want
me to ..wish you a

...to sir...with love..

Hello...from all of us!
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to go to the song Mr. Moffatt wrote
for Moshe and Libby Paranov...and
thank you for visiting with us!
Autumn's Finest Leaves
Photography ...                                    
by Moshe Paranov
Moffatt's    Piano and Keyboard Masters